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The California Department of Insurance publishes a commercial insurance guide for consumers that teaches you the important things to know about purchasing insurance for your business.

From their guide:

How Can I Purchase Commercial Insurance? (Contacting a Broker-Agent)

One of the first steps in purchasing small business insurance is to contact a licensed insurance broker-agent who specializes in commercial coverages. Beginning a working relationship with a reliable, competent broker-agent can be as crucial to your business plan as getting professional advice from an accountant, banker, human resources analyst, payroll specialist, lawyer, or a trusted business mentor.

Business contacts that you have made are excellent referral sources for recommending a commercial lines broker-agent, especially if the contacts are in the same industry as your business or in a closely related industry.

Professional broker-agent associations can assist you in your search for a licensed commercial insurance broker-agent. The Insurance Brokers and Agents of the West (IBA West) and the Western Insurance Agents Association (WIAA Group) are professional associations that can assist you in contacting a commercial insurance broker-agent in your local area. Please see the "Resources" section of this brochure if you would like to contact the IBA West or the WIAA Group. Also, looking through the local yellow pages under the insurance section can aid you in locating the phone numbers for those broker-agents specializing in commercial insurance.

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