Oct 8, 2018 3:02:50 PM

The Los Angeles Times:

california burns

Most homeowners insurance covers both your home and all property within. More than 90% of homeowners buy coverage, according to recent estimates, and as many as 40% of renters purchase insurance for their belongings.

After the recent drought turned California into a huge pile of kindling, insurers racked up billions of dollars in fire-related claims. Some, such as Allstate, stopped writing new policies. Others, such as Farmers and State Farm, became choosier about homes they'd cover.

The insurance industry says it's ready to handle claims from the fires now raging statewide.

"Insurers will 100% be there for homeowners," said Nicole Ganley, a spokeswoman for the western region of the Property Casualty Insurers Assn. of America, a trade group. "Insurers are moving very quickly to help policyholders."

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