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Providing insurance coverage & employee benefits to your business in 14 key areas.


Dental Insurance

Everyone wants a dashing smile. Dental insurance can help you get there! Humanomics has helped employers provide excellent dental coverage for their employees. Many portfolios include coverage for cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening.

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Eye Care Coverage

If you were born with an eye condition or have developed one due to age, Eye Care coverage is a widely recognized employee insurance benefit. Many of our clients are adding Lasik insurance coverage to keep pace with changes occurring in the eye care marketplace.

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Short/Long Term Disability

Short & Long Term Disability insurance provides salary protection when prolonged illness or injury results an inability to work. Humanomics implements these benefits tax efficiently so as to maximize return to employees.

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Fire & Casualty Insurance

Property damage caused by fire, wind or water, can be covered to help you to become whole and continue to operate, allowing you to quickly recover in the wake of the damage caused by these hazards.

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Property Insurance

Your company's infrastructure is an important investment. This coverage is designed to indemnify a business in the event that property has been damaged from hazards, from theft or from virtually any other kind of loss or damage.

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Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability (CGL) covers a business owner against potential legal action arising from someone being injured while on your property or as a result of some action. This is critical insurance coverage that no business can do without!

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Crime Coverage

Protect your company from threats of crime both inside and outside of the business. Insure your company against criminal liabilities for any action taken by an employee, or by criminal acts committed against your business by someone outside.

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Decades of Partnership With The SPFPA 

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"I can't say enough good words about Humanomics.'

"They manage our casualty portfolio; and they designed and implemented the self-insured plans that we offer to our membership. They got the plans approved by the Department of Labor and secured their tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. They continually oversee the financial performance of the plans and still keep it very competitive, when compared to the benefit marketplace. They are easy to work with, have studied and know our business and work hard to keep us apprised and updated about new trends in benefits.

"In summary, Humanomics is a great company to have as a business partner!"

Dave Hickey 
President SPFPA

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